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Putting the “Squeeze” on Large Tables

Thu, Aug 30 2018 18:00 UTC

Putting the “Squeeze” on Large Tables

Improve Performance and Save Space with Data Compression Your databases are growing faster than your servers. Large tables consume ever-increasing amounts of storage and create difficult challenges managing query response times, backups, recovery, and maintenance. What’s a DBA to do? The data compression feature of SQL Server is one tool DBAs can use to save storage space and improve performance. In this presentation you will learn about the types of data compression, how to determine when compression is the right option, and how to make the magic happen.

Justin Randall

Justin Randall is a Senior Consultant at SQL Sentry, LLC. He has over 25 years of data management experience in a variety of roles from Enterprise Data Modeler to DBA. His IT career started with DB2, but he has focused on SQL Server since version 7.0. His current professional interests are SQL Server performance monitoring and tuning, and career development.

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