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Advanced Statistics Management: Setting Up SQL Server For Success

Thu, Sep 25 2014 18:00 UTC

Advanced Statistics Management: Setting Up SQL Server For Success

The optimizer uses statistics to generate a cardinality estimate which, in turn, affects query plan decisions as well as system resources. In this session we're going to step through the process of evaluating the statistics present (or not present) and present a methodology for analyzing the presence of skew, candidate filtered statistics, and their efficacy in an environment. Additionally, we'll look at the impacts of the new Cardinality Estimator in SQL Server 2014 on plan generation This would, ultimately, be an excellent addition to any periodic SQL Server health check.

Seth Washeck

What started as a knack for ETL development at a mortgage bond oversight company quickly blossomed into a knack for related development projects in the financial services and non-profit sectors. After a four-year detour to study for a Master's degree in social sciences, I jumped back into the SQL Server world, working as a DBA for a 24x7x360-day per year medical device manufacturer. That has given way to a position for a major mutual fund company where I support Sybase and SQL Server.

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