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SQL Server Data Warehouse Fast Track Program

Thu, May 28 2015 18:00 UTC

SQL Server Data Warehouse Fast Track Program

The Microsoft SQL Server Data Warehouse Fast Track (DWFT) program is designed to provide customers standard and proven system architectures optimized for a range of enterprise data warehousing needs. The program is a joint effort between Microsoft and many hardware partners. The certification process helps customers deploy Data Warehouse solutions with a recommended hardware configuration appropriate for the requirements of a data warehouse workload and reduce risk, cost and More...complexity. This session will cover the methodology of the DWFT program and how the certified results can be used as a reference in setting up a data warehouse.

Jamie Reding

Jamie Reding is a Program Manager at Microsoft and has been working on the SQL Server team for over 17 years. His primary focus is on TPC benchmarking and performance. He also spent time at IBM and Compaq in performance related roles.

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