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Optimizing your data warehouse for OLAP Processing

Thu, Sep 24 2015 18:00 UTC

Optimizing your data warehouse for OLAP Processing

In this session, we will cover the options we have as DBA’s to improve the performance of our OLAP processing time. We will discuss options available within SSAS as well as features within Database engine and how to align both for best performance. Analysis Services have become a major part of upper management daily decision making activities. However, with our DW sizes reaching multiple terabytes minimizing time required to process our data has become our top priority. In this session, we will cover the options we have as DBA’s to improve the performance of our DW processing time. We will look at features and general best practices available to us within SSAS as well as enterprise level features within the database engine itself and how aligning them to work side by side would yield us at least 200% improvement in our processing time. Special Note: Their will be an extra draws this month. There is an extra drawing this month. The Performance VC will be giving away three pass to this years Summit.

Konstantin Melamud

Konstantin has over 15 years of SQL Server experience and demonstrates his expertise and commitment to helping SQL Server DBAs succeed through his position as Director of Service Delivery at RDX. In his role, Konstantin is responsible for designing and implementing RDX’s service delivery strategies, including those for SQL Server. Since joining RDX in 2009, Konstantin has proven to be a strong leader and expert in SQL Server database administration, architecture, performance tuning, and business intelligence. He is also a very active member of the SQL Server community and frequently presents at SQL Saturdays and user groups throughout the year. In addition, Konstantin presented during 24 Hours of PASS and at the PASS Summits.

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