The Performance Virtual Group's mission is to empower the global Microsoft SQL Server database community with technical content regarding performance related to SQL Server.

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Indexing for Performance

Thu, Jun 23 2016 14:00 UTC

Indexing for Performance

Learn all you wanted to know about index design, but were afraid to ask. This session focuses on physical index structures as well as how the server chooses indexes. Note: Join optimization is a separate session.

Alvin Chang

Alvin Chang has over 20 years of experience specializing in Microsoft SQL Server and ASE systems. He began his database career as a technical trainer, teaching system administration of ASE and Microsoft SQL Server databases before moving into database consulting. Most of his career has been spent consulting on database systems for various companies helping them achieve the maximum performance and reliability. He has been lead in major projects that included clustering, replication, warm standby solutions, SAN disk performance, data partitioning, backup/restoration strategies and disaster recovery. Alvin is also a contributing author to the several Microsoft SQL Server books as well as Official Sybase ASE books. His most recent book is Microsoft Transact-SQL: The Definitive Guide co-authored with Jeffrey Garbus. He is a graduate of Rutgers University with a degree in Computer Science.

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