The Performance Virtual Group's mission is to empower the global Microsoft SQL Server database community with technical content regarding performance related to SQL Server.

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SQL Server Performance Root Cause Analysis

Thu, Apr 27 2017 18:00 UTC

SQL Server Performance Root Cause Analysis

Poor Performance can be found on many a SQL Server and can be for many varied reasons. So where do we start to find the root cause of this and do it FAST (unlike our SQL Servers) In this session we will examine how a FREE tool "SQL Nexus" can be used to guide us to the root cause. Using real-world examples from production systems.

Neil Hambly

Neil Hambly is a SQL Server consultant, founder & Consultant @ DataMovements a founder of Datamovements a Gold Microsoft Data & Analytics Consulting company Neil has 20+ years in a variety of SQL Server roles and is a MCT a regular presenter (200+ events) at usergroup and PASS events, PASS Summits & SQL Saturdays & many UK events (SQLBits, SQLRelay), Leader of PASS London (UK) & Professional Development VC, Melissa Data MVP, SQL Cruise Technical Lead who likes Guinness, Loves whisky and dancing.

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