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Don't Rely on Magic - Tabular Performance Troubleshooting

Thu, Jul 27 2017 14:00 UTC

Don't Rely on Magic - Tabular Performance Troubleshooting

any times you'll hear that one of the major advantages of using the tabular model is ease of use and implementation. So that must mean that it will run like a super fast dream all the time out of the box, forever and ever right? Not exactly. There are many things to consider at the time of modeling and implementation for performance. And later if you run into trouble with reports and queries, what do you do then? In this session we'll go through the process to troubleshoot performance of your tabular models and queries to keep things running as fast as possible. Just because tabular is easy to use doesn't mean you have a magical black box that you can't tune when it doesn't run as fast as you want. In this session, we will focus on building a methodology for troubleshooting tabular performance so you can get that super fast dream machine.

Hope Foley

Hope has over 12 years experience in the IT world, she has worked across many industries from small business enterprises to Fortune 500 companies. She has a vast knowledge of database design, administration and support, data warehousing and data mining, and custom database solutions. Hope joined PTI in 2007 as a SQL Server Database Administrator/Analyst, and took over as Principal Microsoft Consultant, where she now leads a team of expert DBAs and developers. She is also a SQL Server MVP.

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