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Performance Testing with the Database Experimentation Assistant

Thu, Jul 26 2018 18:00 UTC

Performance Testing with the Database Experimentation Assistant

Performance tuning is an iterative process. We identify bottlenecks or problematic queries, we come up with solutions for them and then ideally we continue this cycle over the lifetime of our application. However, some times our fixes don't have the intended effects or worse, the database actually get slower. Of course, we test the changes but sometimes it's hard to measure improvement when a query is simply running in isolation on a system that is not the same as production. To try to mitigate these issues and decrease the risk of doing database changes, Microsoft has created the Database Experimentation Assistant. With this tool we can do A/B testing of SQL Server workloads, either to try out the impact of new indexes, of activating new features or to see how a workload compares when running on different versions of the product. In this session, we will cover the use cases for the tool, how to use it and what type of results we get from it so you can start taking advantage of it right away!

Warner Chaves

Warner is a SQL Server MCM, Data Platform MVP and Principal Consultant at Pythian, a global Canada-based company specialized in DBA services. A brief stint in .NET programming led to his early DBA formation working for enterprise customers in Hewlett-Packard ITO organization. From there he transitioned to his current position at Pythian, building and managing data solutions in many industry verticals while leading a highly talented team of Data Platform consultants.

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