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Meeting Details

Monthly Meeting - January 2014

Thu, Jan 23 2014 19:00 UTC

Getting Started with Execution Plans

There are times when you are able to be proactive and tune existing queries. Sometimes, you will receive a phone call from your manager telling you that a certain web page or report is timing out and your users are furious. You need to quickly diagnose what the problem is. Where do you turn to first? When a query is underperforming, hogging resources or timing out, one of the first things you want to examine is the query execution plan. An execution plan provides a wealth of information that can help you quickly diagnose what is wrong. In this beginner level session you will learn what an execution plan is, how to find it, and how to interpret it to see what the query optimizer is doing and find the major pain points.

Jason Kassay

Jason Kassay is a database developer/administrator, web application programmer and speaker from Colorado with over 10 years of experience. He is passionate about SQL Server and performance tuning and optimization. Jason is an active member of the SQL Server community and has volunteered at events such as the Colorado GiveCamp, SQL Saturday's and the Denver SQL Server User Group. When not tuning databases, Jason will most likely be found playing hockey or running.

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